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Virus Removal


The most common problem with computers nowadays are virus's, spyware and pop ups. Some virus's can be removed successfully, others cause damage to the system files and the computer has to be 'wiped' clean and the operating system re-installed.

Virus removal can be extremely time intensive and I will not know how long it is going to take until I get started. I won't allow this process to go beyond two hours - if it takes me that long then I know from experience that your computer is going to have to either be taken to my store to be connected to a server that can take this mal-ware off at the hard-drive level

It is very unlikely that your personal data is going to be damaged by a virus but it is important that you know the dangers of using the 'System Restore' disk that came with your computer. Using it may well get your computer working but it will likely delete all of your documents, pictures and music first, so prior to doing this step call us and we can tell you the best method to achieve this

The people who write these virus's are much cleverer than most of us. The first sign that you have a virus is generally a 'spoof' anti-virus program telling you that you have a one and that it is stealing your information. This is the virus. It wants you to spend a bunch of $$ to purchase the anti-virus program! Not only does it get your hard earned Dollars - they also get your credit card. Don't ever, ever, ever purchase a program like that and, if you already have, cancel your credit card immediately.

Give me a call if you're not sure what to do but don't ever buy anything on-line from someone you don't know.






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