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Compu-Guard Pc Protection

Peace of mind for your pc
Prevent Identity theft before it happens. 50% multiple family computer discount off of monitoring fee


When it comes to your family's safety you should never second guess the Unrelenting Determination of a thief when it comes to stealing your identity!

What is Compu-Guard?

Compu-Guard© is a monitoring service that alerts our central server of malicious software that may be present on your computer .

What does it do?

It monitors your viral activity and notifies us of potential problems before they become a huge one. We then determine if you should be notified about the activity or if it has been taken care of by the anti-virus progam that we installed for you.

What does it cover?

This service will cover any software that is affected by a malicious virus. Should iit not be caught by our system scanner we will then reload your software that you provided and install it for you. After yoru system has been throughly cleansed.

What do you need prior to having this service?

There are a few items you will need to have prior to having this service subscription:

  1. An active internet connection: to recieve updates from our central server, for virus software updates and to update yoru ip address to our central server for remote admin service.
  2. Have your system pre-inspected prior to subscribing to this service, To ensure that your system is clean and free from any viruses or malicious software. this prevents false positives from being sent to our system, which saves you money and un-needed phone call to alrm you of a false reading.
  3. For AT&T Customers who subscribe to their DSL internet connection you will need to allow us to contact your ISP on your behalf and notify them of this service. Most of the time this can be done from our office

How it works?

Your system is set to do a scan at any interval that you request. We then have the results transmitted to our central servers to analyse. If any atntion is needed, we will then notify you by means of the easiest and least obtrusive method you decide to make you aware of your system problem.

You then have the option of designating a time for yoru work to begin. If you decide that you would like to have it done remotely, Then work will being immediately

Compumedik Pc Repair
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