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What is a UTM?
How does it work?
How does it secure?
Advantages of UTM?
Why should you choose us?

Unified Threat & Security Management


What is Unified Threat & Security Management?

UTM solutions emerged out of the need to stem the increasing number of attacks on corporate information systems via hacking, viruses, worms - mostly an outcome of blended threats and insider threats. Also, newer attack techniques target the user as the weakest link in an enterprise, the repercussions of which are far more serious than imagined.

This has now been ported over to applications in which it is now beneficial to residential and family services alike. With the porting of systems Like Comp-Guard we can effectivly manage and control the content that comes through your entire network.

How does UTM work?

Our unified threat management system blends seemlessly in your network and filters out potentially harmful material from every reaching your computers on your network. By setting up some simple rules and guidlines you can completely control the content that is seen on your network and elinminate the need for software on your individual computer and reducing total cost of ownership of your computer. We have ccompiled the most comprehensive list of known host for Spam, Virus, Trojan downloaders and have them set up on our threat management systems with updates through out the day as new host are identified and added. Basically there is no need to have seperate anti-virus on each computer, although it is a generally good idea to have it on your system. We filter it your internet connection that feeds all the pc on yoru network. So therefore one system that scans all the traffic, one system that traps all the spam and spyware, and one system you have to have on your mind for security. Let our systems relieve your worries

With our UTM system installed on your network you will notice that Ads, Spyware and Malicious software that would potentionally infect your computer will be completely blocked. Our UTM systems are very easy to Administer and will simplify your every day usage and computing needs.

How secure is your network?

With Compu-guards Unified Threat Management System ( UTM) installed in your network it will simply eliminate the threat of comprimising network traffice that often degrades the service of any machines with in the network, once your systems have been cleaned they will remain clean. Our UTM not only monitors Web traffic but it also monitors any mail coming through out your system, it protects your network from any unwanted intrusions from an outside source that can attempt to gain access to your systems and cause malicious harm.

Why should you choose us to Secure your systems?

Any system that is located in your home can easily be comprimised. with our systems all the the possabilities of yoru child gaining access to the protective systems are not possible. Our systems are not there for them to comprimise. They can not gain access to our systems therefor making them out of reach and making the security that we place inside your systems un-detectable and they can not bypass them at all.

Key Advantages of deploying a UTM in your network

  1. Reduced complexity: Single security solution. Single Vendor. Single AMC
  2. Simplicity: Avoidance of multiple software installation and maintenance
  3. Easy Management: Plug & Play Architecture, Web-based GUI for easy management
  4. Performance: Zero-hour protection without degrading the network performance
  5. Troubleshooting: Single point of contact – 24 × 7 vendor support
  6. Reduced technical training requirements, one product to learn.
  7. Regulatory compliance

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