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Today, networks are everywhere! Even at McDonald's when you order that soft drink to go with your order. It too, travels down a mess of cables to that server in the back. Only to ensure the drink you ordered gets filled. The red light at the corner, the weather channel, your favorite radio station, and the list goes on. Network devices are coming out almost everyday. There are now internet devices to control your lights, air/heat, fish tanks, security setup, and we're sure many more to come. Don't be left behind... let Computers 4 U take care of your networking needs today!!!

Cable Modem or DSL?
If you don't have more than one PC in the house or business, you sure are missing out. Take that high speed connection to another computer and start enjoying your time surfing while the kids do too. Computers 4 U can install that affordable network right in your own home or business at a great low price. Start sharing one printer, hard drive space, and the luxury of today's networking technology.

Wireless or Wired Networks?
Networking has come a long way and now offers many choices that can become very confusing. That's why Computers 4 U, Inc has already done that hard and confusing research for you. Our staff can evaluate your location and suggest the right network for you. If you are interested in speed, luxury, and security for your business or home, we can install that professional network to fit all your computing needs. Call us for a general idea today or visit our already on-going wireless internet services.


Secure Wireless
We will send a technician out to your location and verify that your equipment is secured. This price includes setting up to 2 network device. Wel will also optimize your network so you dont keep loosing signal or connection.

Additional Wireless Devices $25.00 each.

Install Wireless Network
We can install and setup your network for you. We will make it reliable and secure. Includes setup of up to 4 wireless devices
Addditional Devices $25.00 each

Optimize Wireless
Many people want to do away with their wireless network because it keeps dropping connection on them. Many things can affect the performance of your network. We will come out and make sure your wireless is in the best location possible. We will also setup your software to make sure you don't have any problems with a dropping connection.

Repair Existing Wireless Network
Call Pls.
This service is for customers who already have a wireless network that has stopped working. This does not include and hardware should it need to be replaced.

Install wired Network
Pls Call
We will quote your individual job before we begin.

Install and Configure Professsional Firewall
Call Pls
We can install and configure a professional firewall. You can restrict access to specific web sites, schedule times that certain computers will have access to the internet, and much much more.

Set up Network Backups
Call Pls
We can setup the computers on your network to back up their data to other computers on your network.

We offer many more networking services than we are able to list here and every need is different so call or email us for your needs. We also offer our services to small business.

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