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What is a Firewall?

A firewall is a dedicated appliance, or software running on a computer which inspects the network traffic passing through it, and denies or permits passage based on a set of rules set by the network administrator.
It is normaly placed between the protected network and the I.S.P modem and acts like a gate that protects assests to ensure nothign private goes out of the network and nothing malicous comes in.
A Firewall's basic task is to regulate some of the flow of traffic between computer networks of different trust levels. Typical examples are the internet which is a zone with no trust and an internal network which is a zone of higher trust. A zone with an intermediate trust level, situated between the internet and trusted internal network, is often referred to as a "perimeter network", or Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
A firewalls's function within a network is a similiar to a physical firewall with fire doors in building construction. In the former case, it is used to prevent network intrusion to the private network. In the latter case, it is intended to contain and delay structural fire from spreading to the adjacent structures.

Comparison of Routers & Firewalls

  Basic Cable / DSL Router Cisco ASA Compu-Guard System  
Network Address Translation (1)  
Port forwarding (1)
ISPEC Vpn (2)
Open Vpn    
Outbound Web Filtering    
Spam Blocking    
Phish Blocker    
Intrusion Detection
Active Directory Intergration    
Policy Manager   (3)
Kapersky Anti Virus    
Web-Based Pc Remote    
Remote Access Portal    
Protocol Control   (3)
Q.o.S (2)

1) LImited to ONE public IP Address on the "outside" of the device.

2) On appropriate models

3) With appropriate configuration

What Service We provide??
We Install a hardware based firewall system that will completely shield you from any potential intrusion into yoru home network. These types of intrusion often lead to identity theft, personal information being sold for profit, and added worries to your household or business. Not to mention the valuable time you invest into trying to rectify the Irreversiable damage that has been done by these culprits.
With our firewall solution this will assure you that you have the very best possable protection that you can get from our Industry leading software and hardware combination. Leaving the ending result of peace of mind and the added protection from internet would be hackers!!!


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