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Data Recovery 

Data recovery is an area where some technicians will often try to charge you hundreds or even thousands of Dollars. In most cases, the data is not actually lost forever; it is just hiding somewhere on the hard drive. 

If you've lost important documents, pictures, music and such on a hard drive, a stick drive, a digital camera then in most cases it is possible to get the data back. Give me a call or drop me a line. If I can't get it back then you will not be charged so what have you got to lose? I do 'simple' data recovery - it won't get too expensive for you. 

I will know within one hour if I am likely to be able to get data back for you and, if I can, I will give you a quote. Some data recoveries will take days but most of that time there is no need for me to be there and you will not be charged unless I am physically working on it.

If your hard drive has a mechanical problem then it may have to go to a 'clean room' - this is where data recoveries can run into four figures. I can advise you as to where to send your drive but, as I have said, I do 'simple' data recovery - in other words - not too expensive!

My charge for data recovery is just $50 per hour and I will not run up a bill without first warning you - if I can't get any data then you don't pay.

In many cases data recovery can be performed on-site, especially for camera cards, USB memory sticks and smaller hard drives or accidental erasures (yes, even if you removed it from the recycle bin I can still get it back). In this instance the charge is just for the usual 1 hour callout so is $50.







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