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This service entails a multi-point evaluation of your website. What we are evaluating is the ability of your website to transmit it's message to your target customer. Such criteria as overall layout and style as per your type of business and the message you are trying to get across, how the customer would see your website (for instance, if your business is a sportswear related business, your website should reflect sports and competition when people visit your website so that they feel empowered by the feel of your website). Our experience shows us that the look and feel of a website, along with the key elements of your website content contribute greatly to the success of your business once a visitor enters your website and as such will all play a role in making your website as successful as it can be.


- Ease of access to all parts of your websites from details to order forms for your products and services.
- Suitability of a website to give the industry specific image it needs.
- Overall look and feel of the website as per it's industry specific image and it's contents.
- What is the message being sent to your visitors and how it is sent.
- Quick evaluation of dynamic contents (what could/should change frequently on your website)
- Provide a list of missing features, if any, that could really help both the website itself and the dynamic contents.

- How your content reflects the keywords you think are most important

- And more



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